Are You Snow Ready?

Introducing the Yooper Chook...
the hat that is as warm and unique as the people who wear them.


It’s flat-out cold. And snowing.
You’re smiling.

You must own a Yooper Chook.

Chooks. They started with the French voyageurs who explored the UP as early as the 1600’s. This hardy lot of men wore hats called “touques” (pronounced “tew-ks”). Over the years, Canadians and Yoopers have tweaked both the style and the pronunciation of the touque and made it their own.

A majority of Yoopers grew up with our chooks and never called them anything else.

What sets us apart?

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    Cheryl Slye
    Cheryl Slye
    Sean Belling
    Sean Belling
    There are so many great things I can say, not only about the Yooper Chooks themselves but the lady that makes them. The web site looks great! If you don't own one- buy one, you'll never wear another hat in da cold! I love everyone I own and will keep buying them! Looking forward to see any new ideas that may come out in the future also!
    Jody Talbacka Champion
    Jody Talbacka Champion
    I have a couple of Yooper Chooks. My oldest is just as great as my newest. I have been out in a blizzard in it and have been toasty warm. I would highly recommend one for everyine!
    Tina Wallin Ujczo
    Tina Wallin Ujczo
    Jason Asselin
    Jason Asselin
    I recommend these to ALL of my friends! They are warm and when the snow is flying or wind is blowing, drop down your face cover and keep your face warm too!! I love this product! #MichiganMade
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