Are You Snow Ready?

Introducing the Yooper Chook...
the hat that is as warm and unique as the people who wear them.


It’s flat-out cold. And snowing.
You’re smiling.

You must own a Yooper Chook.

Chooks. They started with the French voyageurs who explored the UP as early as the 1600’s. This hardy lot of men wore hats called “touques” (pronounced “tew-ks”). Over the years, Canadians and Yoopers have tweaked both the style and the pronunciation of the touque and made it their own.

A majority of Yoopers grew up with our chooks and never called them anything else.

What sets us apart?

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    Yooper Chooks
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    Wally Pearson
    Wally Pearson
    really cool chooks!!! and made in michigan!!
    Leslie Smith
    Leslie Smith
    I was a lucky winner in one of the recent giveaways of an adorable Chook! I (almost, lol) wish it was still the middle of winter. It’s so cozy I think I’m wearing it to bed � THANKS!
    Diane Franzen
    Diane Franzen
    Denise Cole
    Denise Cole
    After I won a hat and mentioned our St. Baldricks event, they donated 7 more hats to our event!
    Todd Harger
    Todd Harger
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