What is the Return Policy?


If you need to exchange your Yooper Chook,  send it back to us with a note saying exactly what you want in exchange, along with a second and third choice as stock may be gone. Put in four bucks to help with shipping costs back to you.  If the problem lay in the chook itself, please contact me so it can be given special attention.

Send any returns to us at Yooper Chook, 22001 S Mackinac Trail, Rudyard, MI 49780

If you want a refund, no problem. Send it back with a note to refund it, and it will be done. I would appreciate the reason for the refund, though. It doesn’t happen very often at all, and it would help to know why.  You will get your refund when we get the chook back.

According to the powers that be, a refund may not show up on your bank statement for a few days. Apparently, they have no issue instantly removing it from your account when you place an order, but they slow down the pace when they have to give it back. Go figure, eh




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Due to 2020 craziness, our stock is still in production and is being added as it is made.