How Do I Find My Fit?


To measure easily, wrap a string around your head across the top of your eyebrows.

Measure the string.

This is how these hats will circle your head. 

These  Yooper Chooks are a full and generous hat made of fleece that owns  its’ stretch.  The measurements really do not have to be spot on exact. Since the fleece stretches a bit, the fit is up to whether you want a snug fit, or not. 


Small —17.5 to18.5 inches (Usually fits the toddlers, not babies.)                   FITTED SIZES 6 TO 6 1/2  SMALL

Medium 20 to 21 inches ( If your head is on the small size for an adult, then medium would be the one to choose, if you don’t have the measurement available.)                                                                                                           FITTED SIZES 6 5/8 TO 7 1/4  MEDIUM

Large 22 to23 inches (Fits about 70% of adult heads, men and women.) FITTED SIZES 7 1/4 TO 7 5/8   LARGE

Extra Large 24–25 inches ( Both women and men  have extra large heads.  And, if one likes to wear a brimmed ball cap under their chook, then this works really well with the Extra Large.                                                    FITTED SIZES 7 3/4 TO 8 1/4  X LARGE



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