Do You Offer Customized Versions of the Yooper Chook?



It’s best to order early while the chooks are in production.  I would recommend during summer or early fall. Seamstresses may not be available for custom production during the winter months. If we have to order, cut and produce for you, the wait will be a minimum of six weeks for large orders of 100 or more. Lesser amounts cut the time down, but it still involves a few weeks waiting on your part.


I would strongly recommend doing your logo work at a local embroidery shop. They will appreciate your business, and the chooks  will look great with your design on them. Plus, I’m certain it would be cheaper. I would have to add extra shipping costs back and forth to the embroiderer. We can and will do this for you if you need though.

If you want your logo on the front, I will need at least 6 weeks to produce these chooks with the Yooper Chook label on back.  There will not be an extra charge for that, as long as you have some patience. When you get your order, they will be ready for embroidery work. 



If you have labels that we can sew on for you, we will do that. We don’t design or produce labels though. If you want your labels on the front, please give me six weeks to produce the chooks with our label on back. To sew your label on, we would have to add a dollar to the cost of each chook. My seamstresses would appreciate that bump in their paycheck, I’m sure. 

Please feel free to contact us if you want to talk about any of this. We’re here to help.




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