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How Do I Find My Fit?

To measure easily, wrap a string around your head across the top of your eyebrows. Measure the string. This is how these hats will circle your head.  Sizes may vary a bit due to stretch quality of the fabric.    … Continue reading How Do I Find My Fit?

Do All Chooks Have the Face Protection Part?

Yes, every Yooper Chook has the tucked up face warmer band that expands. The face warmer can be tucked up inside, or used as a chin strap warmer, or it can be unfolded and pulled up where you want it … Continue reading Do All Chooks Have the Face Protection Part?

When Will My Order Get Shipped?

We currently are shipping your order within three/ four days. We ship USPS, snail mail. They have slowed a bit in some areas due to Covid staff shortages.  You will get notification when it ships, if your email address is … Continue reading When Will My Order Get Shipped?

What is the Return Policy?

If you need to exchange your Yooper Chook,  send it back to us with a note saying exactly what you want in exchange, along with a second and third choice as stock may be gone. Put in four bucks to … Continue reading What is the Return Policy?

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Flat rate of $4.99 shipping in the United States, regardless the amount of Yooper Chooks you order. ($12 flat rate for Canada.)

Are there coupons or discounts?

As much as I love bargains, we do not offer many as our prices are as low as they can go.  If you are subscribed, you will get notified of any bargains we may offer in the future.

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