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Please see the following frequently asked questions for answers to questions about shipping, pricing, and product details.
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Production is well under way, (finally), and the shelves will be full soon.  If you can’t find what you want in the size you want, check back soon. I will be adding the sizes as they come in from the seamstresses.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. It helps.

The Yooper Chook team

Cynthia, Dan and Dustin

To measure easily, wrap a string around your head across the top of your eyebrows.

Measure the string.

This is how these hats will circle your head. 

These  Yooper Chooks are a full and generous hat made of fleece that owns  its’ stretch.  The measurements really do not have to be spot on exact. Since the fleece stretches a bit, the fit is up to whether you want a snug fit, or not. 


Small19-20 1/2 inches (Usually fits the toddlers, not babies.)                   FITTED SIZES 6 TO 6 1/2  SMALL

Medium 21-23 inches ( If your head is on the small size for an adult, then medium would be the one to choose, if you don’t have the measurement available.)                                                                                                           FITTED SIZES 6 5/8 TO 7 1/4  MEDIUM

Large 23-24 inches (Fits about 70% of adult heads, men and women.) FITTED SIZES 7 1/4 TO 7 5/8   LARGE

Extra Large 24–26 inches ( Both women and men  have extra large heads.  And, if one likes to wear a brimmed ball cap under their chook, then this works really well with the Extra Large.                                                    FITTED SIZES 7 3/4 TO 8 1/4  X LARGE

All chooks ship by USPS daily from the U.P. normally

You will get notification when it ships, if your email address is correct, and tracking info too.

Thank you for being patient while waiting for us to reopen the store. T’is appreciated.

Please understand that this year, our stock is very depleted and we may not be able to accommodate your return for an exchange.  

If you need to exchange your Yooper Chook,  send it back to us with a note saying exactly what you want in exchange, along with a second and third choice as stock may be gone. Put in three bucks to help with shipping costs back to you.  If the problem lay in the chook itself, please contact me so it can be given special attention.

Send any returns to us at Yooper Chook, 9567 North County Road 405, Newberry MI 49868.

If you want a refund, no problem. Send it back with a note to refund it, and it will be done. I would appreciate the reason for the refund, though. It doesn’t happen very often at all, and it would help to know why.  You will get your refund when we get the chook back.

According to the powers that be, a refund may not show up on your bank statement for a few days. Apparently, they have no issue instantly removing it from your account when you place an order, but they slow down the pace when they have to give it back. Go figure, eh


Flat rate of $4.99 shipping in the United States, regardless the amount of Yooper Chooks you order. ($12 flat rate for Canada.)

Yes, every Yooper Chook has the tucked up face warmer band that expands. The face warmer can be tucked up inside, or used as a chin strap warmer, or it can be unfolded and pulled up where you want it on your face. When you don’t need it, it’s tucked up inside the crown, which adds up to two layers of fleece to keep your noggin extra warm. 

Double Domes always have that second layer of fleece built into the crown, so when that facewarmer is tucked up inside, it has three. 


As much as I love bargains, we do not offer many as our prices are as low as they can go.  If you are subscribed, you will get notified of any bargains we may offer in the future.

Every Yooper Chook has some stretch to the fabric. Some fleece is stretchier than others, but they all have some give. Also, the fleece is not wind proof. One could not breathe through the facewarmer if they were. But they definitely make a huge difference in the wind regardless. 

Unfortunately, no. I do not want the responsibility of having people’s credit card info in my possession. Hope you understand.

If you want to order by snail mail, that’s fine. Add up the total with tax if you live in Michigan. Add the $4.99 shipping and include the note telling me what you want. Old timey stuff, but it works. Leave me your phone number in case I need to call you, please.

The address is Yooper Chook, 9567 N County Road 405, Newberry MI 49868

Once in a great while, one will experience difficulties placing an order. My Web Maestro, Nathan, told me to tell people to try a different device, and that always works. I hope this helps.

Registering your email with us allows you to track  your order once posted by USPS. It also means you could get notifications of sales and savings from us. I don’t post a ton of sales, but when I do, you will be in on it.


It’s best to order early while the chooks are in production.  I would recommend during summer or early fall. Seamstresses may not be available for custom production during the winter months. If we have to order, cut and produce for you, the wait will be a minimum of six weeks for large orders of 100 or more. Lesser amounts cut the time down, but it still involves a few weeks waiting on your part.


I would strongly recommend doing your logo work at a local embroidery shop. They will appreciate your business, and the chooks  will look great with your design on them. Plus, I’m certain it would be cheaper. I would have to add extra shipping costs back and forth to the embroiderer. We can and will do this for you if you need though.

If you want your logo on the front, I will need at least 6 weeks to produce these chooks with the Yooper Chook label on back.  There will not be an extra charge for that, as long as you have some patience. When you get your order, they will be ready for embroidery work. 



If you have labels that we can sew on for you, we will do that. We don’t design or produce labels though. If you want your labels on the front, please give me six weeks to produce the chooks with our label on back. To sew your label on, we would have to add a dollar to the cost of each chook. My seamstresses would appreciate that bump in their paycheck, I’m sure. 

Please feel free to contact us if you want to talk about any of this. We’re here to help.


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All sizes will be available this October when stock is replenished.

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